Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jeonju Bibimbap, Hanjeongsik and Kongnamul - gukbap of Korean Food

he fame is won not dnly by its excellent taste but also plenty of kinds, because
Jeollabuk-do is a rich treasury of agricultural , fishery,livestock,and forestry resources produced from wide fields, a lot of hills and mountains, and vast open sea, Dishes and delicacy of Jeonbuk could be intrepreted as its history and culture, Having the precious opportunity to taste its unique dishes would be unforgettable experience.

Jeonju Bibimbap
Jeonju Bibimbap is well known as one of the three best dishes with Pyeongyang Naengmyeon and Gaeseong Tangban during the Chosun Dynasty. Nowadays, you can enjoy it even in trains or planes, thanks to user-friendly products. Bibimbop is one of the best dishes wanted by most of visitors to Jeonju.

The word, "bibimbap" is combined with "bibim(; mixing many side dishes)" and "bap(; bowl of warm rice topped with many vegetables)". Its excellent taste is believed to come from soybean sprouts and other vegetables raised in crystal clean water in Jeonju, especially with fresh sliced beef.

Jeonju Traditional Hanjeongsik
If you want all kinds of delicious dishes at one table, the Jeonju traditional Hanjeongsik would never fail to satisfy you.
The full-course table could be understood as a masterpiece of Jeonju dishes, as it is usually set with 15 or 16 sorts of side dishes including Jeonju's 8 or 10 best cuisines and furthermore 3 or 4 specialties added.

In the era of Chosun Dynasty, Jeonju Hanjeongsik was enjoyed only by Yangban(; upper social class) but today it helps brass wares
                               Jeonju Kongnamul - gukbap

The dish is made boiled in earthen wares by topping a variety of spices on rice and mixing them with soybean sprouts and its unique flavor and refreshing taste has been loved by habitual drinkers as one of main Jeonju cuisines.

Soybean sprouts are well known as one of nutritious vegetables, especially it produces nutritions rich in vitamin-C as it pushes out new shoots.  

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