Friday, January 28, 2011

The korean Traditional Dongnae crane dance

Dongnae hakchum
This is a mock animal folk dance from the Dongnae area.
The dancing(hakchum)is in costumes of cranes and had originally been enjoyed by upper class including the royal family since the Goryeo Period.

However, since ancient times, the Dongnae Crane dance has been performed in everyday gala dress(dopo and gat) without the costumes of cranes.

This dance was mainly performed when the Dongnae mask dance play or tug of war was played on the 'full moon day', January 15th of the lunar calendar.
It is divided into two forms, single and group dances.

The dancing motion represents mainly the ecology of cranes, the music is composed of an oral sound, a shaman song and the rhythm of jajinmori.
This dance combines nature and art.

Cultural property : Busan Intangible Cultural Property No.3
Designated on September 19, 1972
Type : Folk dance
Location : San13-3, Oncheon1-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan (Busan Folk Arts Preservation Association)

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