Monday, May 16, 2011

Acient Tombs in Jisan-dong Goryeong in kyeongbuk province of korea

Goryeong is an old area of the Daegaya, which has hundreds of tombs at present. Among them the group of tomb of Jisan-dong was numbered now up to the seventy-second tomb when the historical relics were arranged properly, provided that the shape is clear and the size is relatively large.

 This group of tomb is all shaped like the arch in the surface and according to the size of the mound they are classified into a small, middle and a large size. "Bongto" or mound means that the shape of tomb is made in piling up earth high.

 The large tomb is mainly located in the upper ridge of a mountain, the middle tomb in the middle spine of a mountain and the small tombs were found around or below the large or middle tomb.

The inner structure shows several forms like stone chamber, stone lined tomb and stone coffin. In a case of stone coffin, it succeeded to the tradition of the Bronze Age. That several graves in one mound appeared is considered as a burial of the living with the dead rather than the burial of a family.


The investigated large tomb has lots of earthen vessels, including golden coffin, a suit of armor and a helmet, long sword, ornamental things excavated. It is considered as the tomb of the ruling class, made in between the 4th and the 6th Century. It is an important site of historic relics to show the culture and the politics of this area.

Daegaya royal tomb pavilion is the restoration of Jisandong Tumulus No. 44, which is the large scale soonjang tomb discovered for the first time in Korea. Visitors can enter the real size model of tumulus No.44 and see the structure and building method of the tomb, the burial of the lord and attendants, types and characteristics of other buried items and so forth.
This pavilion was built so that ordinary people can see and understand the life and culture of Daegaya people more easily. Its purpose includes refocusing on the history of Daegaya and use it as the educational site for academic and historical study as well as building a cultural tourist site by connecting with nearby cultural assets such as Jisandong Tumulus Site.

Royal tomb pavilion is a museum of new concept and a comprehensive pavilion where visitors can see, feel and experience Daegaya's history, culture, the tradition of burying the living with the dead and so
Location : Gyungbuk province Goryeong-Goon Goryeong-Eup Jisan-Lee 460
Contact : Tel. 082-54-950- 6071

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