Friday, May 13, 2011

Do you know Korea's paper ? Hanji.

Hanji is made from specially-selected trees and water, and carefully produced by Hanji masters.

In 1600 AD, during the Japanese invasion of Korea, a general was shot by a poison arrow but survived. How was this possible?

During the Joseon Dynasty, deep in the mountains where there were no doctors, a man who was suffering from extreme bleeding ate something that was burned and was cured. What was it?

Summer vegetables graced King Sookjong's royal table during the Joseon Dynasty. Where and how were the vegetables cultivated?

The answer: Hanji.
This episode takes a scientific approach to exploring the secret of Hanji, which has existed for 100 years, and its effects. We delve into the mysteries of Hanji as they appeared in the Joseon Dynasty Chronicles and other historic records. Through objective experimental data and proven effects, we present the excellence of Korea's paper, Hanji.

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