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Dohang Malsan-ri Ancient Tomb Compound of Ara Gaya in Haman county.

Haman is where Ara Gaya established its kingdom in the Samban Period.
The tomb is this area were made about 5-6 centuries.
 The tomb complex is devided into Dohang-ri tomb compound and Malsan-ri tomb compound. Most of the tombs belong to Dohang-ri and four of them(No.1,4,9,10) belong to Malsan-ri compound.

                                                 Haman museum

The 4th tomb(9.7m high and 39.39m in diameter) is the largest tomb in Ara Park, Gaya-eup. This tomb was excavated in 1917. Inside the tomb is a stone tomb of squared shape in the half basement floor.

The historical remains found in the tomb include wheel-shaped earthenware, bird-shaped earthenware, iron weapons, horse decoration and human bones.

 These are important remains to explain the culture of Haman area. Haman-gun designated 4 tombs in Malsan-ri and 3 tombs in Dohang-ri as Historical Remains.
 Most of the ancient tombs were illegally excavated and robbed.

There used to be 70 tombs in Dohang-ri and 44 tombs in Malsan-ri, but there exist only 34 tombs Haman-gun is a basin, high in the south and low in the north. Nakdonggang River and Namgang River flows to the north and west. The south and the east area is surrounded with 600m mountains. This tomb compound was first excavated in the Japanese colonial period. No.34 tomb was the largest tomb of a king(9.7m high and 39.3m in diameter).

Recently a armor suit was found in Magapchong on the northend of the compound. This was the same one as found on the tomb wall of the Goguryeo Dynasty. No.8 tomb reveals the bones of five men who are buried alive. Malsan was originally called as Meorisan, meaning 'Head Mountain'. This was the head of the mountains, where the founder of Ara Gaya emerged and many of the kings were burried. It was designated as Historical Remains No.84 and 85 on January 21, 1962. For the efficient management, the county prepared a basic plan and is developing as a history tour course.

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