Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bin Five -story stone pagoda in Seocheong county of south korea

This is a five -story pagoda, estimated to have been built during the early Goreo Dynasty . Among many stone pagodas of the same sytle in the Backje period, this pagoda most closely imitates Buyeo Jeongnimsaji ocheong seoktap.

The pedestal of this pagoda is placed on 4 flat stones. Square stone pillars stand on four coners of the first floor, and trimmed front stone stands between them.
Body stones of the second and third floor were reduced too much in height and
width compared with the first floor one, and they were made of one stone.

Roof stones remain up to the fourth floor now. The Pedestal is small and narrow, the body stones over the second floor are excessively small, and the roof stones of each floor are too big causing problems with stability.

This pagoda (Bin ocheong SeokTap) is treasure no.224 . Located at Seongbuk-ri, Bin-myeon, Seocheong- county, chungcheong province,korea

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