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Ancient Tombs in Boxcheon-dong ,Dongae in Busan of south korea

Ancient Tombs in Boxcheon-dong ,Dongae in Busan

Concentrated on a hill around Bokcheon-dong, Busan, this is a large group of ancient tombs in the age of Gaya Kingdom. Of them more than 40 tombs were dug out by several times of researching work, but this is just a part of the total tombs at this ruins, and most of them still remain under the houses.

Various patterns of building tomb were found as below; 1.Togwang Mokgwakmyo(Woooden coffin was set in a wide chamber made by digging ground) 2. Suhyeolsik seoksilmyo(Underground stone chamber by piling thin and flat stones to make wall and ceiling) 3. Togwangmyo(Burying dead body into the dug ground directly).

There are a lot of bigger tombs not robbed yet so more than 2,000 pieces of various heritages were excavated so far. The earthenware including high cups with curved legs, Pots with neck, lamps are representing the specific character of earthenware used in the riverside of the lower stream of Nakdonggang River, and is contributing to their dating work.

 It is found that the earthenware of Silla influenced greatly to those made in the middle of the 5th Century. Various kinds of armors and helmets including the single-ply armor made of iron, the light armor, and the hanging armor were found. Especially the single-ply armor from the 4th tomb is the unique one that was found for the first time in our country. The hanging armor was found with its complete set of attached accessories from the 11th tomb, which is the first case in our country.

A set of fully equipped harness for practical use was found for the first time in our country from the 10th tomb. It is possible to confirm that these kinds of helmets and armors came from Goguryeo Kingdom as they were painted on the inside walls of the ancient tombs in the age of Goguryeo Kingdom.

The discovery of a new pattern of tomb in the ancient tomb at Bokcheon-dong is providing an important motive to study the trend of the changed tombs. At the same time the full set of harness found first in our country as well as the earthenware of Silla provide a significant material to study the restored history of the Gaya Kingdom in the 4th to 5th Century as well as the inner and outer political situation in that age because it proved the influence of Goguryeo Kingdom to this area. Therefore this group of ancient tombs at Bokcheon-dong is a very important ruins which is providing the various materials to study the ancient history of our country

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