Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jeokseong Mountain Fortress in Danyang of south korea.

Established sometime between AD545 and 551 during the reign of Silla's King Jinheong, the two-tiered walts were originally 900 meters in circumference, but most of it has since collapsed. Only the inner side of the double layer wall on the northwest and a few other remains still stand today.

This is a relatively large scale fortress for the Three Kingdoms period and is significant in the study of the shifting balance of power between Silla and Goguryeo during this period.

At this site, many pieces of roof tiles and earthenware of that time were found. researchers also discovered stele on which was unscribed a record of Silla's expansion to the north and the resulting countermeasures by Goguryeo.

The fortress was very solidtly built and scholars have been able to study preclous example of the fortification techniques of Silla.

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