Monday, May 30, 2011

Come visit sunny beaches in Busan of south korea

Beaches welcome the summer with festivals of fun and exciting performances and sports events .

Haeundae, Gwangalli and Songdo beaches will open on June 1, and remain open until the end of September. This new arrangement means they will be opening a month earlier and closing a month later than last year. Songjeong, Dadaepo, Imnang and Ilgwang beaches are to open on July 1 and close on August 31 as originally scheduled.

                                            < haeundae beach >

Busan City is increasing the opening periods of Haeundae, Gwangalli and Songdo beaches from this year in order to promote their use throughout all four seasons. The three beaches receive the most visitors of any beaches in Busan City, and have also had the most requests to extend their opening periods.

                                < Gwangalli Beach  >

During low season in June and September, visitors are restricted to certain sections of the beach for safety reasons. However, the beaches’ locker rooms, shower rooms, foot washing areas, and drinking fountains will all stay open.

With the opening of Haeundae, Gwangalli and Songdo beaches being moved forward by one month, the local authorities have also lined up a series of special festivals, performances and sports events for locals and tourists alike to enjoy.

                                      < Songdo beach >

Haeundae Beach will have an acoustic guitar live performance at the seashore road every weekend starting from 10 p.m., and a salsa dance festival at the event square. A “sports zone” on the shore will provide a venue for playing beach games such as volley ball and soccer.

Gwangalli Beach will host street performances every weekend at its meeting square with dance and saxophone shows. Gwangalli will also have an open marine sport academy teaching wind surfing, yachting, kayaking, and canoeing on the shore every day.

Songdo Beach will have a music concert at its center square every weekend, as well as a music fountain performance twice a day.

Songdo will also have a marine sport academy offering wind surfing, dinghy yachting and banana boating.

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