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Best film festival of Asia ,The 17th Busan International Film Festival

         The 17th Busan International Film Festival
                                                     will be held from October 4th to 13th

a)  Period : Oct. 4 (THU) – 13 (SAT), 2012

b) Screening Venue
     * 37 screens at 7 theaters
             - Centum City: Busan Cinema Center, CGV, Lotte Cinema, Community Media Center,
                     Sohyang Musical Center
            - Haeundae: Megabox Haeundae
            - Nampo-dong: Megabox Busan Theater
c) Screening
     * Total of 304 films from 75 countries
     * 132 World & International Premieres
              - 93 World Premieres (66 Feature Films, 27 Short Films)
              - 39 International Premieres (34 Feature Films, 5 Short Films)
              - All New Currents and Flash Forward screenings are World & International premieres
     * 30 APM projects
    * Asian Cinema Fund (ACF)
              - 8 Script Development Fund projects, 6 Post-production Fund projects
              - 17 AND Fund projects

Korean Cinema Retrospective
      SHIN Young-kySpecial Programs in Focus

Special Programs in Focus
     The Eternal Travelers for Freedom: Sergei PARAJANOV and Mikhail VARTANOV      - afghanistan National Film Archive: The Rise from the Ashes
     - Poland in Close-up: The Great Polish Masters
     - Arturo RIPSTEIN : Four Stories of Captive Minds
     - Cinema Archaeology
     - Special Screening

Handprinting / Master Class

* Handprinting  
           Each year the Busan International Film Festival selects distinguished film professionals for its 
          handprinting ceremony to honor their outstanding contributions to world cinema.

         - SHIN Young-kyun / Actor / South Korea
         - WAKAMATSU Koji / Director / Japan
         - Arturo RIPSTEIN / Director / Mexico
         - Agnieszka HOLLAND / Director / Poland

 * Master Class
         Note to the world-renowned directors' life and film philosophy
         - WAKAMATSU Koji / Director / Japan
         - ISOMI Toshihiro / Art Director / Japan
         - Arturo RIPSTEIN / Director / Mexico

Cinema Talk Beyond Cinema

     Cinema Talk Beyond Cinema will provide a back-story for film history with the support of visual aids to 
      enhance audience discussions.
     Tony RAYNS : The Secret History of Korean Cinema in the 1990s
     David GILMOUR: The Film Club: A Memoir
    JEONG Jae Seung : Cinema, Inspiration for an Scientist

Korean Classical Cinema Screening

BIFF Square in Nampo-dong will bring back meaningful Korean Cinema classics. Audiences have the opportunity to watch the oldest existing Korean film, Turning Point of the Youngsters (Cheongchun-ui Sibjalo), the first Korean musical film Hyperbolae of Youth (Cheong Chun Ssang Gog Seon) and Four films showing Busan in the 50s to 70s will be screened as well.

Screening Service for Kids and Senior Citizens

Six films for kids from 7-year-olds to elementary school students as well as special services for seniors (over 60-year-old) are programmed to provide enjoyable festival experience for all audiences in different age groups. Asian Film Market

Asian Film Market
Major Asian Sales Companies' Participation Most Asian major sales companies registered for the Asian Film Market: Toho, Toei, TBS, NTV, GAGA and Kadokawa from Japan, and Distribution Workshop, Golden Network Asia, Edko, Emperor from Hong Kong. Also, North American companies like Myriad Pictures, Cinema Management Group, and Cinemavault will hold their sales booth.Publication Contents Pitching Event - Book To Film

In order to link the publication and film industries, the Asian Film Market will introduce a Publication Contents Pitching Event. It will help diversify cinema content and help revitalize the market. KOFIC Industry Forum

Korean Film Council (KOFIC) will host the KOFIC Industry Forum under the theme of "International Co-production" during the Asian Film Market

Asian Cinema Fund

AND Publishes Asian Documentary Today
AND Partners with Al Jazeera English for a Workshop Project
AND Partners with Cinelan
World Documentary Exchange (WDE) Broadens Its Network

Busan Cinema Forum

BCF sails again for the critical understanding of the new world cinema. The theme of this year's edition is "Politics of Film Restoration and Preservation in the Digital Era." BCF will offer participants a grand networking platform by facilitating an in-depth discussion on cinema aesthetics and the film industry.

Asian Film Academy 2012

The Future of Asian Cinema Gathers at Busan
Asian Film Academy is a 18-day educational program, where the young film professionals from all around the world gather and participate. The fellows will take parts in various programs including two-short film production program and master classes with the invited masters and professionals from each field.
Launching of Asian Actors Academy
As a newly created sector of the Asian Film Academy (AFA), the Asian Actors Academy (AAA) is a project dedicated to producing global Asian actors through various acting lessons and training.

Sergei PARAJANOV Special Exhibition

Sergei Parajanov's film posters, his art-works and photos are showcased. This rare opportunity was assisted by the Parajanov museum in Armenia.. Busan Office 3rd Floor, BIFF HILL, Busan Cinema Center, 1467 Woo-Dong, Haeundae-Gu, Busan 612-020, Korea Tel. 82-1688-3010 Fax. 82-51-709-2299

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