Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun in Busan, Galmaet-gils for foreigners waves takes breath away

Fun in Busan, Galmaet-gils for foreigners
                                          Scenery of pines and waves takes breath away

      How about taking a walk enjoying the beautiful fall of Busan.
                                                                      The photograph is tourists walking in Songdo.

There are roads where you can experience deep inside of Busan, which is Galmaet-gil. The word Galmaet-gil comes from the city bird galmaegi (seagull) and the word gil (road). Galmaet-gil is a road you can feel the “higher and wider” Busan like the flight of the bird. “Galmaet-gil 700 li” is made of nine courses, 20 divisions that add up to 263.8 kilometers (164 miles). As the autumn approaches nearer, here are some recommended Galmaet-gils for visitors to Busan.

# 1. Amnam Park~ Jeollyeongdo~ Taejongdaegil   
                                                  ( 17.8 kilometers, eight hours )

Start from the Amnam Park, which is famous for the natural forest, a gift of nature and coastal scenery you  ill soon be walking along the Songdo Coastal Walk connected with Tech Road and pedestrian overpass.

The old pine trees and waves make up one fantastic scenery. Walk along the Songdo Beach, the Korea’s first beach opened in 1913 and pass by Namhang Bridge that recently opened.

The scene from Namhang Bridge is awe inspiring. Walk along the Jeollyeong coastal walk in the speed of Jeollyeongma a horse that is so fast that shadows are broken apart then you will reach Mt. Jungni and Taejongdae. While walking along the bended road up above the uniquely shaped rocks and the coastline, you will be fascinated by the breathtaking view.

 Taejongdae is marvelous and fantastic, good enough to say that all the coastal scenery beauties of Korea are gathered here. The pedestrian walk is on 100-meter height under the Yeongdo Lighthouse. Pick up some boiled sweet potatoes as snack for the course and pay respect to the ancient scholar Jo Eom, who first brought sweet potatoes to Korea via Yeongdo after receiving them in Tsushima, Japan, during the Joseon Tongsinsa mission in the Joseon Dynasty.

* How to get there:
     Take bus No. 9-1 or 71 to get to Amnam Park, where the course begins. From the end of the course,
         take bus No. 101.

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