Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Geumsu Blowfish Soup in Haeundae Busan

Geumsu Bokguk

In 1970, Geumsu Blowfish Soup invented blowfish soup served in an earthen pot for the first time and it has kept their traditional taste for 42 years. Its characteristics are the freshness of the original ingredients and all of their sauces and pastes are prepared by hand. The crunchy bean sprouts and soft blowfish fillet harmonize to stimulate the appetite. The clean and stuffing soup is perfect for relieving a hangover.

* adress: Haeundae-gu, Jungdong-1-ro, 43rd Avenue 23

* phone : 051)742-3600

* subwayLine 2 Haeundae Station exit 1 / 700m (within 10min walk) in front of Seoul Oncheon Hotel rear entrance

* http://www.금수복국.kr

* time closed : on Lunar New Years and Chuseok holidays

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