Saturday, September 15, 2012

Enjoy Korean fermented foods , Jangdeokdae

Jangdeokdae is  Custody of Korean fermented foods

Located in a quiet area close to Bulguksa, this restaurant is decorated outside with many pots, a reminder of Jangdeokdae, the traditional pots in which Korean fermented foods were stored.

A large parking lot and numerous rooms allow for large groups or families.

The crockery is traditional pottery and the staff all wear modern Hanbok, modernized traditional Korean clothing.

There is a large variety of Korean food on the menu, and many generously portioned side dishes are available, demonstrating great care for the customer.

· Address : kyuengju city korea

· Contact address 054-777-5557

· Homepage

· Business hours 08:00 ~ 21:00

· Credit Card Payment option is currently available

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