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Paths of Empress Heo's Wedding

Paths of Empress Heo's Wedding
We're on a search for places to the story of the marriage between Korea's King Kim Suro and the Indian-born Empress Heo. You are entering the "GaYa" period as you join this tour.

Portrait of King Kim Suro                                               Portrait of Empress Heo

          Sawangseok, with the mark of the statue of the Buddha with a cobra.

In 46 AD, King Kim Suro of Karak and Empress Heo of Ayuta in India were married.
Preceding the mythical love story of " Romeo and Juliet" by some 1,500 years, the story of King Kim Suro and  his Empress is a happier one, as evidenced by their 10 sons and 2 daughters and the fact that they lived together for 145 years.

Lovers from around the world will be inspried by this romantic tale, as they visit Mangsando where the arrival of the Empress was eagerly anticipated, Heongguksa where the royal couple spent their first night together,  and the tombs where the King and the Empress continue to lie side by side.

* Mangsando
Here is where Yucheongan rode his fastest to look out to sea to check whether a ship had arrived,
on the King's command .

-- way to Mangsando : You can get here by taking Metro Line 1 at Busan station, getting off at Hadan station and transfering to bus No.520 bound for Yongwon, in jinhae .

** Yujuam ( Yujugak)

It is said on that on object of the Empress was thrown overboard into the sea and became Yujuam.

*** Heongguksa ( Heongguk temple)

This is the place where the King and the Empress are said to have spend their wedding night after receiving
the blessing of the mountain god . It is also said that the King named the mountain " Myeongwolsan (Bright Moon Mountain)"by comparing her beauty with the moon and he founded " MYEONGWOLSA" around there. A stone figure showing a cobra supporting a statue of Buddha was discovered here.

**** Royal tombs of King Kim Suro and Empress Heo.
The Pasa Pagoda which she brought from Ayuta has been preserved here for 2,000 years. A twin fish pattern greets visitors at the gate of the tomb, encapsulating the mystery of ancient times.
Tomb of King Kim Suro

                                                            Pasa pagoda

       Looking around
     * Geoga Bridge and Busan New Port
       The port, a major logistics hub in North East Asia , and the Bridge/ Tunnel fixed link connecting
       Busan and Geoje Island, are symbols of Busan's dynamism and bright future.

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