Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Korean sound and dance for your enjoyment at Busan National Gugak Center

National Gugak Center exciting Saturday stage offers folk music concert

Busan National Gugak Center hosts the Saturday program “Our Sound Our Dance” every Saturday 4 p.m. at the main theater. The program is designed to help participants experience Busan’s intangible cultural heritage and tradition music through intangible culture asset No. 3 “Dongnae Hakchum(   Cranes dancing rhythm)   ” as well as other folk songs, pansori and court music.

This offers pride to the Busan City and South Gyeongsang region visitors and to provide unique and various items to foreign tourists. On Aug. 18 a song from Shimcheongga, or folk tale of a filial pious daughter, where Shimcheong drowns in the water, and its seven items such as the salpuri dance, or traditional shamanist dance, and gayageum duet are prepared.

                                          Dongnae Hakchum ( Cranes dancing rhythm)


On the fourth week creative pansori group Badaksori’s “Dream of ChickensFly” will be put on stage.

Tickets are 8,000 won ($7) for all seats. A 50 percent discount is available to teenagers, elderly over age 65 (with one company), disabled people (two companies) and children from multicultural families. Group visitors with over 20 people can receive a 20 percent discount.

* Information: Busan National Gugak Center (+82-51-811-0040)

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